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AP/Honors Summer Assignments

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May 2022 

Dear Honors English I Students and Parents: 

It is with a warm extension of our congratulations that we welcome you into the Honors English program at Rancho Cucamonga High School. We look forward to a great year working with the class of 2026.  

The Honors team has already begun planning many exciting and challenging projects, activities, and assignments for the upcoming year.  This letter includes links to videos we highly encourage you to view and take notes on prior to the beginning of the school year. Unlike years past, we do not have a suggested novel title but do encourage you read books of your liking that are both challenging and interesting to you. 

As the instructors, we have high expectations for the students enrolled in this rigorous program. The course follows the California State Standards and will help prepare each student for the Advanced Placement English course offered junior and senior year.  There is a considerable amount of independent reading required so please give that serious consideration when you are planning your academic and extra-curricular schedules. 

We hope that you find these preparatory recommended assignments interesting and enjoyable, and we look forward to many lessons and assessments in relation to writing and analysis at the start of the year. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to e-mail over the summer: 

Links to videos: Difference between summary and analysis
How to write a Jane Schaffer paragraph with example essay 

Ms. Vertiz at [email protected] or Mrs. Jemison at [email protected] 

Once again, we look forward to a great year, and are excited to meet each of you this coming August! 


The Honors Team