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In preparing our students for the information world of the twenty-first century, our mission at the Rancho Cucamonga High School Library is to provide a learning environment that empowers both students and staff to be effective users of information and ideas; to encourage students to be life-long learners; and to support the California state standards and district curriculum.


Library books are checked out for two weeks at a time and may be renewed as needed. Some materials are checked for overnight use only and must be returned before school the following school day; if these materials are late there is an overdue fine. Students are limited to three total library book checkouts at a time with only one book per subject. 


Procedures for Distribution and Return

Textbooks are housed in the textbook storage room located on the first floor of the Library building. All textbooks are issued directly to the student by the Library staff.

Each student should have his or her ID card in order to check out a textbook. No temporary ID cards will be issued.

Students with charges for lost/damaged books will be given the option to pay the entire charge or to begin a payment plan. Students with charges will be unable to participate in extracurricular activities until charges are cleared or a payment plan is started. graduates with charges will not be allowed to pick up their diplomas or transcripts. (Ed Code #48904a)

Students who did not accompany the class to receive textbooks may do so at the first floor textbook window before school, during lunch or after school. Because the Library is housed on two floors, the textbook center will not be open except during this time. The individual student must have a textbook permit (blue), signed and dated by the teacher, stating the book title and edition when necessary. The student must also have his or her ID card and be clear of charges.

Textbook Return

All textbooks are to be returned to the textbook storage room by the student. Students are not to give textbooks to or store textbooks with their teacher. Any textbooks left in the classroom are the responsibility of the student.

Lost and Found Textbooks

Textbooks found on the campus should be turned in promptly to the textbook center. Students may pick up lost books with their ID card at the textbook window before school, during lunch or after school.


I.D. cards are issued by the Library Staff. Pictures are taken by a professional studio photographer during the August registration pick-up day with makeup I.D. and yearbook photos taken in September.

New students will have their picture taken in the textbook room before school, during lunch or after school. This picture will not be used in the yearbook.

Replacement I.D. cards are paid for ($7) and distributed in a timely manner at the textbook window before school, during lunch or after school only.

Note: During textbook distribution, August, and retrieval, May, the textbook/I.D. window is not open during lunch.


Pay Overdue/Damage Fines

Library Book (checked out upstairs)

Textbook (including novels the entire class reads)


Please call the RCHS Library at (909) 989-1600 Ext. 2060 to discuss payment plan options.